Firefox Parasite

Another confession this week: I like Firefox.

Before you go, “Aw man, no one gives a hoot… your so late to the party, brah!” or “I don’t care about browsers, dork”, here me out.

This whole “blah blah site doesn’t support Firefox” etc. I find frankly annoying, whiny, and curious why I should give a frigin’ care. I use IE; it works, comes pre-installed, and most everything I do works in IE. The security flaws are only exploited, in my experience, on less savory websites where one shouldn’t frequent anyway (unless you know what your doing).

I was tasked at work to research XUL and it’s capabilities. So, I’m really digging using Mozilla’s rendering engine for XUL. It’s pretty neat that it’s nearly identical to HTML and forms development, but they have their own framework + rendering engine + installation system devoted to just this process. I never could get my Chrome install to work, the lack of proper GUI’s for this 2 year-old (it’s older, but most good forum posts start in 2002 that I saw) technology is pathetic, and it was extremely diffucult to debug (I found out later about the developer install/debug version).

So, I’m testing things in Firefox because it appears to be more progressive in it’s use of extensions. Therefore, I’d have a plethora of examples to take apart and examine. I consider myself a window management meister. In Windows, one must master this skill to remain sane and remotely productive. I’ve found the positives in that skillset to help justify the constant clicking and moving. I then started using tabs in Firefox to switch between, Macromedia’s LiveDoc’s on their implementation, and my sample app running locally because I had other IE windows open. On dual monitors with lots of RAM, I’ll load those suckers up with windows.

Next thing I know, I’m using other tabs for normal websites like Full As A Goog, and others to browse in my spare time. As of yesterday, I started my day opening Firefox instead of IE to visit the Goog. I then started doing it at home.

Now, my blatant disregard for web standards probably ticks off the w3c-nazi’s, and assure’s you I’m missing the whole point. My confusion, however, stems on how the heck did a “browser” grow on me? I’m not all into web browsing as an experience. To me, it’s a frikin’ tool, end of story. And yet… here I am writing a blog entry about how frustrated I am; I feel violated, befuddled, abashed, “How could this happen?”

Anyway, if you have time, give Firefox a week, and you’ll see what I mean. It’s just a stupid browser, you think initially. Who cares. Mozilla sux, why would this be any different, right? Bloody hell, I just realized I’m blogging in it, too.

Damn browser. I’ll tell you, though, if IE got tabbed browsing, I’d probably go back to IE… but the CSS button and the RSS buttons are cool too. Weird man. I never thought I’d care.

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  1. I switched mainly because of the securty issues with IE. You’re right, the browser is pretty much just a tool, but I like when the tool im using doesn’t ruin my whole experience for the entire job.

    You’ll only gain more live for firefox once you start getting the messages from the browser about how firefox stopped a popup, or firefox stopped a web site from installing something on your computer.

    You should defintely check out Thunderbird too if you get a chance. It’s actually pretty sweet.

  2. “I’m not all into web browsing as an experience. To me, it’s a frikin’ tool, end of story.”

    When I used to drive a 1974 Renault 12 I wasn’t into driving as an experience. Funny what power steering, aircon and fuel injection does to a guy.



  3. Hahahahahahahahah, that should go the the mozilla switch page ;)

    I’m using it for more than a year, and now I’m addicted to the point to install every nightly release.

  4. Sorry for asking, but why is your header image 370+ Kb ? This size of it is that fireworks shows?

  5. Get the web developer extension for firefox…that’ll pretty much cement your new browser relationship. Can’t imagine doing dev work without it now.

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