File Sharing with Central

Although Mike blogged this already, I wanted to pose a question. After Kenny showed me his creation this morning of sending a JPEG file to another Central user via Flashcom, it was interesting to note that even running local host, there was a 3 second lag in sending a 22k file.

Now, the player didn’t lock up, and the speed at which Central was displaying the image after writing it and reading back was blazingly fast. What was slow was the actual sending and the time it took from the netconnection.send to the response from the server to call the method to render the file. Now, 22k is a sizable chunk to be sending over the wire, but neither I nor he could figure the exact bottle neck.

I know this is a question for the Flashcom list, but was curious if anyone knew.

I think in the future, most would be able to lessen the damage by establishing a link, and then sending over smaller chunks of the byte array, therefore giving you the ability to show a preloader at the cost of transfer speed. Still, just curious what part of it chokes since it isn’t necessarely the player and if that part is identified, what one can do to lessen it’s latency.

Overall, the ideas here of file sharing applications via Flash and Central are definately cool prospects.