Geeks Don’t Get Overtime

Via Her Majesty

I believe it was the FCC or somesuch acronymn that wrote a book that her majesty was reading for class, and it mentioned Rule 6; about professionals, mainly non-monkey-button-pushers, do not get overtime.

The ending of the article, however, strikes a chord about being confused… I don’t ever remember hearing of anyone getting overtime anyway. I mean, Eminen did at the factory in his movie, and I’ve heard of other blue collar ‘esque jobs when my parents would talk about such things. Currently, I’m happy with the contracting situation as I get paid hourly, and the more I work, the more hours I get paid for. It’s the same amount, but I’m still getting paid for the amount I do.

At any rate, I really have no clue how this affects people/businesses… has anything changed, and does this really impact anything? I don’t really see this as bad news as more of a reflection of how things already are. I don’t know enough really, though, to comment with authority.

New overtime rules are mostly bad news for employees

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