Comedians in US Press Have Integrity

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When I went to Australia February of 2003, I sensed a feeling of pity towards the US, as I watched the news. Even CNN was different there, and their views, nay, their voice was more of a informative discourse rather than an injected fact, claimed softly and not sounding like an opinion like a lot of the US media. I couldn’t really put my finger on it, but I certainly felt it in watching the news, TV, and talking to various people while there.

This article, to me, was a tad bit of a vindication in that another country’s opinion about the news media here certainly made me feel a lot better in my doubts. I don’t follow politics, and prime time TV isn’t something I watch except once in a blue moon when I catch it at a friends or families house. The American media, however, is so prevalent and aggressive, even someone with a passive attitude is still “informed” whether I want to be or not. Therefore, I can still understand the fundamentals, like who Kerry is, who Bush is, and what events just happened (some convention or another…).

It’s always been nice to see JD invalidate and/or point to blatant bad journalism every so often, with others echoing the sentiments. My grandfather wrote the newspaper for Eisenhower, which I believe the CIA now writes that for the president. My grandmother was a journalist. So, I guess that’s why I enjoy the Daily Show with Jon Stewart so much in that he pokes fun at the current American news, the very thing that I think continually tarnishes a lot of things. It’s the only news I attempt to watch, and keep watching.

Anyway, was really neat to get a Canadian perspective. It felt good to know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

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  1. Dude I just laugh at the news lately (mainly yahoo and other web stuff as the news sucks in Japan) as there are so many biased and one-off opinions stuck in-between the lines especially with political issues. Not sure what to make of it all other than to just take it all with a grain of salt. It’s like trying to get an average of it all and calculating what you think is really going on in your own head.. that is if you think it’s worth it :)

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