Tool vs. Product

Dude, I just figured it out as to why I have problems getting excited about end results vs. how to get there. Like, you know how a lot of developers and designers are loyal to their craft vs. loyal to their company? Some don’t care where they work, just as long as they are plying their trade. I have the same type of thing with Flash. I don’t really care what’s created in it; RIA’s, games, animations… they are all neat, but I care more about creating things in Flash vs. what was actually created. I don’t get excited over RIA’s, but I do get excited over a new component set made to create RIA’s. I’m not excited about Flex, but I am excited I can create components for Flex.

Anyway, thinking about it on the way to work this morning. I was always frustrated because I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t excited about a lot of the products and technologies such as RIA’s, XPath, and portable vector rendering engines… and then I realized, I don’t give a flip about them unless they were made using Flash. So, I’m all about the tool vs. the product. Granted, I’m all about creating quality content, just ask my customers. I can, however, see why I’m still a developer vs. a business owner.

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  1. And Jester, you, and expert developers like you, are an invaluable asset to the Flash community. There’d be no RIAs or Flex or anything like that without people who are excited about the tool. You lay the foundation for those of us who are more excited about the application we can create. And I thank you sir.

  2. yeah, i am right there with you. I really don’t care what the actual product I’m building is…I just like getting in there and making things work.

  3. I don’t think I’m the opposite but I don’t give a flip about Flash. It’s cool and all… but Director used to be exciting and whatever comes out in the future will also be exciting. I care about doing multimedia programming I guess.

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