I enter, laiden with 2 bean stuffed flour patties, dodging a hyped up spazzing animal resembling a mini black lion, and having a ragged mind. I carry with me in my other arm a recently purchased tome of geography and documented valiant deeds, in a write comparable to stereo instructions of a place that does not exist. Docking the ship into port, obtaining a New York forged Hawaiian Punch, I’m placated to the sounds of Alvin’s sister. All I could think of was being strapped into a cold, metal table in a dreary, gray room with Morrisey crying off to the side, and being strapped in with no where to go, a short, oriental girl with a sadistic grin, brings in a hello-kitty radio blaring that dang website’s song with those pictures being played out above me via a Pink-Floyd’ish lightshow of laser lights & rear-projections.

Friday’s tend to be the worst and best times for reflection. Typically, I choose not to take anything I say on Friday evening’s seriously, nowhere near prolific, but I still choose to listen just the same.

…anyway, the website that inspired Nine Inch Nails music video scene above, as well as this blog entry, is here (make sure your off button is accessible and clearly labeled):