See What Happens: Part Deux

If I were driving, I would of sped up; that’d be the cooler thing to do… or, since the car isn’t yours, swerve to the right and hit the Mitsu-wussy. Whatever man… Honda’s RULE!!!

You see the preview commercial on TV, and have to go to the website to see the finish. Flash vid-dee-oohhhh!

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3 Replies to “See What Happens: Part Deux”

  1. I’ve seen this commercial tons of times and I always wanted to see the crash. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention, but I had no idea you could go to the site to see the rest.


  2. d00d, they end the commercial with “” all flashing and junk on the screen. It’s pretty implied, so I see what you mean. For me, it’s easy; the comp is like right next to the TV, so I can just move an inch. Having to go into another room, I can see how the page view’s would be lowered in some households, hehee…..

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