Too Much Dessert Combat

You know you’ve been playing too much Desert Combat when you start to freak out at the sound of a traffic helicopter. When walking the street to lunch with my co-workers, I was suddenly saddened to know a heli was base camping at the Buckhead Bellsouth building. I knew I was dead, and would have to respawn inside.

Today when driving home I saw the chopper in front of me, and knew I was screwed, because only tanks are tough enough to withstand a machine gun barrage that those choppers can throw… specially the frikin’ Apache’s. I knew my del Sol couldn’t protect me from even their gunfire because it’s strength is the same as the USA’s Hummer in-game.

6 Replies to “Too Much Dessert Combat”

  1. I thought I was the only one affected by this? I just don’t feel safe any more walking down the street unless I have my RPG with me….

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