I spent $4 Bucks on iTunes

I spent about $4 this week on iTunes; purchased my first song Monday (whoo… loud noises… cheers… bleh). So far, it’s a pretty neat little app. I dig the 1 click buying; easy as nuts to spend money, but also to get at my product too. I really really dig the sharing of music on a local network; that’s just phat at work.

The only negative I have is the style of music I like, dance/electronic, is usually under smaller name labels, as my manager says. Therefore, it’ll be awhile as they are acrued in since the targets have been the big guys. Granted, there’s still some good stuff, but nothing like Kazaa has.

I think I’ll ensure my new CD head unit for my car (or her majesty’s if I inherit it) has auxillery units so I can hook my new (not purchased yet) iPod into it to play my beats. We’ll see how it evolves over the course of the year.

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  1. yeah – sadly iTunes has very little of the stuff i’d buy, so it’s nothing more than a novelty for me. :-(

    i think there a lot more dance/electronic (at least euro-dance/electronic) available from http://www.allofmp3.com – whether or not you you trust your $$ with a russian online site is your call. (a co-worker here has done it several times without problem [except the first day he did 3 different transactions and the bank called him to make sure it was cool]).


  2. i’ve tried the russians. it’s pretty good. however i always thought emusic.com had the best selection. they had EVERYTHING obscure and electronic.

    They used to have a flat fee / all you can eat pricing model (w00t) but then they got sold and changed to $15 a month for 65 tracks.

    I dumped em because I was ticked, but I do miss some of the stuff they had which no one else did.

  3. Yeah I found a couple of cool things from the dance/electronic sections. It’s funny the search doesn’t really to a good job of “searching” through their stuff. I have found stuff through the main screens of the sections that I can’t search for. I think some good stuff is in there but it’s hard to find. A lot of Om stuff is on there not sure if your into this.

  4. YA! AllOfMP3 is rocking comrades! Here you can buy all great rocking music for make crazy and party!! YA!! Iron Maiden!! Number of the Beast!! Party to MAXIMUM!!



  5. iTunes is a great app. Why in the world the downloads are only 128Kbits is beyond me. I’m far from an audiophile–but when playing a 128K MP3 on the stereo is just plain bad. I’d definitely buy more (than my 2 songs I have bought) if only they let you download HQ sounds.

  6. Kerman,

    You can adjust the bit rate sample in one of the menus…it’s a biatch that is 128 by default. But it can be changed!

    It’s under the Edit, Preferences, Importing Tab. Change the Default Import rate to whatever you’d like the song to be. I set mine to 320.


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