No, I’m not talking about Fraunch Bread, Fraunch Dressing… Maybe it happened yesterday and I just didn’t see it. I was already ticked that it cost me $19.00 fuggin dollars for 10.5 gallons of gas on Monday.

Today, I saw for the first time in my life, gas prices at or above $2.00 dollars. In short, this blowz. I hear it’s supposed to be $3.00 by the end of the year…

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  1. Lucky for us here in Europe, petrol is traded in USD and its current strong position as opposed to EUR is keeping price increases to a minimum here.

    Current prices are up around ?1,30 per liter (which is if my maths don’t fail me a whopping $5,80 a gallon).

  2. I’ve heard, however, that your cars aren’t retarted like ours, and don’t use 50 million gallons of gas just to go 1 mile. Thus, distance per gallon is wayyyy more efficient. Can I have your car?

  3. Time for better public transportation and new fuel cells. For now, hybrid is an alternative.

  4. A bicycle for my 20 mile commute. Who am I Lance Armstrong?

    Give me an affordable, alternative fuel, like Ethanol.

  5. $2.30 average around here in Southern California. My dad drives one of those new Toyota Prius hybrids, and he’s loving it – still complains about the gas prices though :)

  6. I ride my bike about 8km to work everyday, quick short ride. Even ride all winter through the snow and rain. I’d ride further if I worked further away. But then I ride 100km for fun on the weekends sometimes.

    I wouldn’t have even noticed the gas prices going up if my girlfriend didn’t drive a truck.

  7. Just be glad your government subsidizes the crap out of gas. It’s about 80c a litre up here (Canada) – way cheaper than Europe, but ~$3/gallon, and we produce a lot of it.

    Hopefully this helps bankrupt some of the SUV/truck drivers out there – it’s time N.America grew an environmental conscience and started driving smaller, fuel efficient cars like the Europeans (and yes, I drive a small-ish car).

  8. Filled the tank on my Discovery yesterday and it was over $60. Yuck… Welcome to Southern CA

  9. While I agree with driving more fuel effecient cars, smaller, less powerful cars/trucks are not always on option in Canada – or anywhere it snows half the year. I’d like to drive one of those mini cars, just not during winter.

    I don’t drive a big car, and I think driving an SUV or truck in a large city is completely rediculous. However, people in the little town my dad lives in are happy to have trucks, especially the people the truck owners pull out of ditches!

  10. I’m all for alternatives in the form of better fuel cells, but I also think that if someone wants to drive a 69 GTO that gets 8 miles to the gallon, more power to them. Personally, I don’t want to spend that much money on gas. Something else I was thinking about is the West’s reliance on foreign oil is probably the only thing keeping the Arab states relatively peaceful with the West. Just imagine if we stopped the flow of money overseas for oil. If the West plans to move away from oil, better be prepared to either pay off the rogue nations or beef up defense even more. Just my $.02.

  11. Riding a bike actually saves time. This assumes you invest a reasonable amount of time each day exercising.

    What I don’t get is why people freak out about fuel efficiency only when the price of gas goes up.

    One last thing–if you do ride your bike just once for a trip you would otherwise take a car… or you take the bus to work–just once–you will be making a pretty major contribution to efficiency.

  12. I’m sorry…I couldn’t get past the word fuggin…
    I think that is the funniest word I ever heard…and that means that I have no life, right? :) I’m gonna say it all the time now… :)

    I understand. I almost had a heart attack when it took $27.00 to fill up my tank. Seriously, you should try MARTA.

  13. i just moved and made the smart choice of moving down town..

    yes.. gas prices are more expensive in downtown Atlanta.. however.. now that i’m .82 miles from the job.. truth be told.. if i only went to work and back.. and worked out my grocery runs in between.. that’s 2 miles a day.. heh.. x30 for a month.. that’s still only 60 miles.. i get around 30 miles per gallon on my little del sol.. so.. um.. that’s like.. what.. 5 months before i have to fill up again? it’s been 3 weeks since i’ve moved.. i filled her up when i moved.. and i’m still well above the 3/4 tank mark ;) gotta love city living..

    plus.. once i get my finances straight.. i’m getting a bike.. then heheh.. well i might not have to get gas for the sol til x-mas ;) (keep in mind.. this is if i were a COMPLETE shut in…. i’m not far off.. but i still get out every now and then)

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