Pimp My Office

My birthday presents consisted of a new desk and a mini-fridge for my office at home. I relate it to that MTV show “Pimp My Ride”, where supposed less-fortunates have MTV sponsors take their piece of junk car (at least they have a frikin’ car…) and trick and pimp it out. To me, her majesty did a major difference to my office, so I consider it pretty pimp to where it was. Thanks!

BTW, thanks for all da happy b-day, gals n guys.

Old Mofo I had

New Desk

I knew I needed a bigger whiteboard… I need to learn to say ‘no’

Da Chicken n’ Beer Locker

Inside – I’m not a fruity boy, just out of Corona, I don’t even like Pink Lemonade…really

6 Replies to “Pimp My Office”

  1. Of course … *I* believe you, millions wouldn’t – but I will :)

    See, I don’t drink beer, so I’d need a slightly bigger one for Coke/Pepsi etc…

    One day my fridge will come …


  2. Thanks! They are those Sony ones you see in clipart everywhere… I want my old studio ones, though, as they felt like ear muffs and were sooooooo comfortable…… the Sony ones are lot more durable, but man they hurt after a few hours.

  3. I wanted some information on how to get my co-worker ride pimped.We at the job feels that he needs some help because it loks pittiful.

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