I’ve seen a quarter of a century, Camel Spider, & Good Parking Job

I appear to be 25.

This appears to make me look under my desk all day. (From someone stationed in Baghdad. He was recently bitten by a camel spider which was hiding in his sleeping bag. I thought you’d like to see what a camel spider looks like. It’ll give you a better idea of what our troops are dealing with. Enclosed is a picture of his friend holding up two spiders.)

This appears to do little to dissuade the fear caused via the above.

This appears to be an awesome parking job.

9 Replies to “I’ve seen a quarter of a century, Camel Spider, & Good Parking Job”

  1. Hehe, not for long, sucka!

    Thanks bro! I’ll have to post my phat new setup tomorrow that I got for my birthday; tis pretty tight.

  2. Happy Birthday man!!!

    How sad is this, i’m not much younger than you but incredibily less skilled:-) If you weren’t getting married(congrats on that by the way) I would pester you to take me under your wing and drop knowledge on me…

    Once again, Happy Birthday!

  3. (Hoping that you don’t have a ‘too late filter’ installed…)

    Happy Birthay Jesse!

  4. Very Happy Belated Birthday Jesse. I hope you enjoyed your quarter of a century. I wish you will enjoy and do the best in the rest of century.


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