Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

Purchased this game Friday, beat it Sunday. I did not dig this one as much as the first one. The original writer was a genious with metaphors, and at the same time could bring you into the riveting story with 3 images and a voice-over. I’ve seen about 10 minutes of one Soprano’s episode, and I can confirm that New York gangsters really do cuss… but I didn’t think it was necessarey to add realism to the game by empowering the thugs to curse. I felt it detracted from it, merely because if someone is shooting at you, they are bad by default; you don’t need a dirty mouth to confirm that. The reload spin that you perform while in Bullet Time while cool, doesn’t really technically do much. Maybe I’m missing some other move(s) with that, as I skimmed through the instruction book, but I didn’t see the point. Making a sequel to anything is challenging, and the expectations were high. I must admit that the graphics were fantastic this go around, although, my settings must of been lowered because the explosions and fire weren’t as good, nor the audio. Still, the game was fun, but doesn’t hold a candle to the original masterpiece.

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  1. I have been contemplating this one for a while. I LOVED the original game! I was going to get the PS2 version of this one but I read some bad reviews; saying it didn’t translate well. I am guessing you played the PC version?! Anyway, I doubt I will add this one to my library.

  2. I own both the PC and the Playstation 2 version of the original Max Payne. The PS2 does indeed suck. The limited resources of the PS2 did not allow it to translate well, not to mention playing that type of game with a controller is tough.

    I still think the sequel is worth buying, but only when the price has dropped to $20… it’s not worth the the $50 price tag; I got 10 bucks off, but still…

  3. I agree. The original Max Payne was much better than the sequel, which lacked the innovative and compelling storyline. I had the same impression of No One Lives Forever 2. They just don’t make em like they used to. ;-)

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