Is TV losing out to video games?

Via Erik Bianchi.

Is TV losing out to video games?

For me? Heck yeah. TV is boring (‘cept for The History channel and Sci Fi at odd times + The Daily Show on Comedy Central). Even then, my watch time is limited to 30 minutes or less. To me, everything else is uninteresting, excluding news events that differ from the norm, and documentaries on PBS (both of which are extermely rare).

Her majesty, however, leaves the tube on 24×7. She doesn’t really watch it all the time, though, as it’s really just background noise.

Mainly, it’s used for guests, my XBox, Gamecube, and Playstation 2 (if I ever find the the poor guy…).

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  1. Background noise, same here.

    I only actually *watch* TV during dinner which is normally the Simpsons and King of the Hill.

    I’ll catch South Park reruns late at night when I can’t sleep or Discovery (American Chopper Rules!). Lately I’ve been watching Frontier house on PBS. Yeah it’s like 2 years old but I missed it the first time around (it’s pbs). I do watch Smallville and the OC with my wife regularly on Wednesdays. =)

    Personally I can?t wait till the internet rules over cable or satellite. Then I?ll be able to just subscribe to the channels I want and stream the content whenever.

  2. The thing I find amazing is how many people say they never watch tv, but still have one. I could now conclude they’re playing games–but most people also have cable. (Please don’t tell me the reception is poor without it.)

    Anyway, not that I’m better than anyone else, but I never play video games. I had a pinball game on the computer but that’s pretty out of date and I haven’t played it in years.

    I love to waste my time but I just don’t do it with video games.

  3. For me, it’s unwinding when I’m just too burnt out to work anymore.

    I have satellite. Cable is fine, it’s just wayyyyy overpriced. $60 for the same package I have now for $36.

  4. You’re so full of crap. YOu watch way more then half an hour a night. I am not saying you watch 4 hours, but you watch more then you realize. Jesse when you WALK by a tv you are mezmerized!

    I personally watch endless hours of TV and love it!

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