iMac’s are at Schlotzsky’s Deli

Just got back from lunch break from class. Dude, behind the drink stand at Schlotzsky’s, there are 3 iMac’s, the ones with the half-ball and the pivot flat screen! There were a ton of small games on it, mainly for kids I’m guessing, and I guess there was an internet connection as well… didn’t want to gank them from the two kids and women on the 3 of them to find out.

Anyway, neat concept to have comp’s at a Deli.

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  1. Schlotzsky’s rocks. Which one are you visiting? I made it a religious practice to eat at Schlotzsky’s world headquarters on 6th and Congress in Austin, Texas almost every day. Lots and lots of iMacs in there…the new ones. Cool!

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