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  1. I don’t know why I didn’t comment on that article when I read it last week. But just reading the first paragraphs is enough to realized the author has no idea of what he’s talking about… if I was his boss, I would have fired him for writing that article without even checking Macromedia’s website.

    Developer concern? of course! it’s normal. It would be very weird (and very bad) if everybody followed any software initiative like zombies. It’s the community’s concerns and feedback which will ultimately set Central’s faith. Don’t forget that nobody gave a dime when doing stuff with Flash was limited for the player’s low ubiquity.

    Besides, it’s good that not everybody jumps into the Central bus just yet; that way there’s more space for the ones that believe in it… hehe

  2. Hi guys, I appreciate the angst

    “But just reading the first paragraphs is enough to realize the author has no idea of what he’s talking about….” A reporter doesn’t have to be a subject expert. Their job is to draw readers, through the medium of retelling news events. In this case, David did accurately take some of the isolated complaints that were on the public record in blog comments, newsgroups and so on. He may not always have retrieved the rejoinders in the very same thread, but he did accurately pull out public info and repackage it for his audience.

    And think of his audience’s needs for a moment… with the FlashForward conference coming up there was likely to be pro-RIA news in the upcoming week. If he can supply his readers with a counterargument for watercooler discussions, then he has become more valuable to his audience.

    Sound true to you…?


  3. Absolutely, I agree.

    However, as a Central proponent, I feel it is my responsibility to counter any mis-interpretation of the technology, and hopefully educate people on what is accurate as well as what is my subjective opinion, hopefully both positive.

  4. I second Jester on that. I saw another article maybe like a couple of weeks ago, in a news site they said use flash only for animation when necesary. Just as in here the Author did not know what the hell he was talking about.

    The worst of all is that on that article as well as CNET one there is no place for anyone to leave a comment, or opinion.

  5. Its very simple on Macromedias part, when CENTRAL first loads, it should be branded clearly and visually consistent “DEVELOPER RELEASE”.

    At the moment, if you aren’t in the Macromedia Blog-World, and you load Central, it does look like a finished product. Of course, if you click on the “About Central” under the help menu, you see “Developer Release” tucked nicely in the far right.

    NOT GoOOd enough.

    I say this, as it gives fuel for monkeys like this writer, to sit back and publically cain the shit out of what is a good product concept. While we can cain him ONLINE in various pockets of the Internet (Blogs etc), the end public will look at the article as if this guy carries enough IT smarts to be taken at face value.

    I think while stuffs being worked out with Central, it should be branded more as a “Beta” mode, as this will reduce a lot of peoples perception(s) as you can always hide behind the “oh well, thats in beta, we’ll fix that” and you will get more of a pro-active acceptance of situations like the above, than if you release it as is now with bugs/problems.

    Its worked for a lot of projects, namely ICQ, its got bugs, and its annoying, but its still in “beta” so to speak, and a lot of people accept that…. JUST DON’T DRAG IT OUT for years/months….

  6. ICQ was one of the first IM clients I ever used. I have a number around 500,000 if that tells you how early I adopted (OH, your soo frikin’ neat, Jesse, cause you got a low ICQ #; can I hang with you and be neat LiKEYOU!!!!???).

    I don’t think I ever downloaded and installed a program by them that wasn’t “beta”. Seriously, every release had

  7. I just found a CD with one of the early versions of ICQ (late 1990s). So I am er33t now too :)

    Yeah, they haven’t gone “Full version” probably due to some license / Trade Mark crap or something like that.. no idea.

    Point is though, you understood it was Beta, and with all Beta software, all bets are off. Why? its a prototype and you know this as a developer especially. It stops all bullshit remarks like “its sooo buggy” in its track as the end reply is “Dah, mofo, its BETA.. you know, BETA, VHS, CD, DVD, Holigram… see a fricken pattern emerging??” …

    I gotta lay off the fizzy drinks.

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