Flashcom Bible: My Chapters Donated to the Community

I haven’t heard back from Wiley. I told them I’d be releasing this Monday, but figured I’d give them all day. No word.

The rate of decay and time of usefulness on these chapters is small, so the sooner the community has access to them, the better.

I’m sorry there wasn’t something I could do to facilitate this book coming out sooner ladies and gents; those minute times I had working with fellow writers & the editors, it was pretty cool, but the communication, from what I heard of others experiences, was a cluster flizz-narge, and it was not to long after the fall of Friends of Ed and friends where publishers were working on obtaining existing projects, so were busier than normal and stretched being their usual thresholds, I’m sure. However, I never heard back on the status of the project, nor got paid, nor got a response to me asking about giving these chapters away today.

At any rate, hopefully this helps some of you in your Flashcom projects. Here are the 4 chapters I wrote for the vaporware book:

<a href=”https://www.jessewarden.com/downloads/Flashcom_Bible.zip”>The Flash Communication Server MX Bible</a>

– Chapter 13: Using Flashcom Server Components
– Chapter 16: Creating Flash Communication Server Components
– Chapter 17: Monitoring the Performance of Your Flash Communication Server
– Chapter 25: Flashcom & Director for Multi-user Gaming Environs

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  1. Hey Jesse, Thanks! Very useful! Great work. Sorry you didnt have the best experience working with Wiley. I worked with them on a couple small book projects a year or two ago. I did get paid for my work, but my credits and bio never even made it in the book I worked on and that was to be part of the deal…go figure. From then on, I decided to only work with the folks at New Riders and Peachpit/Macromedia Press now…they are all top notch folks, and great to work with, but I’m sure you already know that. :) Thanks again for the excellent work!

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