Update your MT, HQ, this is JXL under heavy fire…

“HQ, this is Dust Devil taking heavy fire! We were just cluster bombed by, consisting of 200+spam comments containing 24-packed urls, request air support!!!”

“Roger that Dust Devil, MT-blacklist OTW on your position. ETA, 2 minutes. Hang in there, son.”

*crackle* *crackle* *hiss*

“..hiss…SEMPER FI!!!”


:: 2 minutes later ::

…”HQ, banned, urls blocked, spam comments destroyed, and blog crystal clean after a refresh. Suggest we upgrade MT to 2.66+ to prevent future incursions, sir.”

“Copy that, Dust Devil, scheduled tomorrow at o-eight hundred hours. Good job, soldier! Carry on.”

Suck it spammers, I’m armed and dangerous!

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