Trigger Happy Mouse

Aw dude, my mouse has gone click happy. 1 out of every 3 clicks is a double click, and it’ll keep doing this for about 4 clicks. Switched USB slots, rebooted, all to no avail. Time to buy another one, I guess. Anyone know of any fringe ones? I’ve seen the 5 button mice a few years back; they were great for Starcrack/Warcrack. I’m willing to go a little wild if there is something just completely unusable that you know of. Spanks!

3 Replies to “Trigger Happy Mouse”

  1. Whats wrong with a good old Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer – The wireless optical mouse with a scroll wheel and the usual two buttons, i dont see the point in all the other buttons they add to mice.

  2. The extra 2 buttons for Back and Forward in the browser is so handy. I miss it when I get home. It’s not a big deal, but same idea as the scrollwheel – it’s just easier on the wrist.


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