PNG to SWF Batcher

Actually, you can batch any amount of documents and/or files, but for most people, PNG to SWF is the way to go whether video editing multiple frames, or creating graphics for a project, etc.

I am finishing up a project that had about 2,500+ images of table pieces that had transparency on all of them. After finding out how Fireworks exported to SWF, I found the magic command, fw.exportSWF() and managed to make a batch file out of it. However, tweaking the images just right took time. Not to mention trying to explain to even someone technically proficient where to put the jsf file I just sent them via email… ridicolous. Once again, MXP saves the day.

I’ll explain more in the February’s issue of MXDJ about how I made this, but in the meantime, know this:

This panel is used to batch images to SWF, current files open in Fireworks, or just your current document. The Flash panel it comes with allows you to quickly edit the settings. I’ll upload the MX version tomorrow, but for now, it works with Fireworks MX 2004.

PNG to SWF Batcher – a Fireworks Flash Panel | Source

4 Replies to “PNG to SWF Batcher”

  1. Hi,
    I’m not able to use Batch png to swf.
    First, I had an error message (cannot find file???), and then, it just open one image and stops there….

    Any suggestions?

  2. Hi again,

    I changed the line #7 in ‘Batch PNG to SWF.jsf’ for:


    and now it’s working.
    A bit slow, but it is…


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