How to unlock your Force Sensitive Slot w/out Grinding

Your Friday OT, brought to you by <a href=””>Erik Bianchi</a>.

<a href=”″>How to open your Force Sensitive Slot w/out Grinding</a>

In Star Wars Galaxies, you have master some professions to open your Force Senstive Slot which allows you to create a new character which is a Jedi. Sometimes, the profession you have to master requires a serious amount of crafting items, and to realistically do so, you’ll be creating these things for hours on end, generally called “grinding”.

11 Replies to “How to unlock your Force Sensitive Slot w/out Grinding”

  1. Seriously.

    Let’s stop talking about your Force Sensitive Slot.

    Your father could read this. And what would Brandy think?

    [Hangs head in shame.]

  2. That’s gross dot com.

    Her majesty’s over-taking my account, so now she’ll have the capability to have 3 force sensitive slots, although, I think she’ll maybe just do one, so she can have her tailor make her Jedi look good, and her Droid Engineer to give her Jedi good friends.

  3. Force sensitive slots and grinding!?

    *Sigh* What did you expect…

    When I have kids they are:

    (a) Not being raised in Georgia.
    (b) Not being raised in Georgia.
    (c) Not being raised in Georgia.
    (d) Not playing Star Wars Galaxies.
    (e) All of the above.

  4. Actually, I was more worried about the kids associating with Jesse and Erik than anything else….

    Ripped from today’s headlines: Georgia is considering banning the word “evolution.”
    Apparently in Georgia, it’s become a controversial buzzword in Georgia, along with “slots,”
    “grinding”, and “bending over”.


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