Director or Central?

Going off of <a href=””>Bokel’s post</a>, my comments were not getting through, so I’ll respond here in hopes to enlighten. Besides, his code has helped many beyond me in the past.


—The data from the server is zipped and has to be unzipped on the client.

If you used server-side PHP, you could then forward the data to Central.

—The data has to be organized in different folders, which have to be created on the client

Do these folders need to be accessible by the user? If so, not yet. If not, then just make a fake structure utilizing shared objects. You can display it in the Tree, but the user doesn’t have to know where the folders are.

—The trayIcon (windows) has to be changed

Central runs in the Tray be default, but you cannot toggle directly to your application; it defaults to Central’s main screen.

—The app needs a config manager to allow for “autostart” on/off and “always in foreground” on/off

An agent, which is a SWF that runs in the background but has no GUI, has the ability to auto-start once Central is started, whether its associated application is started or not. You could provide a user the ability to toggle this via reading in the preferences from a local so. Central provides a Preferences accessible through it’s menu, and/or you can provide your own.

However, the always in foreground will not currently work.

—The whole app has to be designed after the clients cd

It’s technically a Flash movie; you could brand whatever you wanted, although, your encouraged to use the Central components for small filesize, consistant UI, and ease of application updatability.

Hope that helps.

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  1. i like the idea of temporarely connected apps (or however marketing apes like to call it:) but central seems to be too limited ( at least for this client)
    She doesn’t want to share the flat with other apps :) because she wants total control
    She doesn’t want it to look like a central app

    Maybe central 2 provides the possibility to produce single apps like this, i don’t need this portal thingy.

    (ot: sorry, my server is a peace of sh.. actually)

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