Blog Spam Tide Has Turned For Me

It appears that <a href=””>MT Blacklist</a> is actually working. It’s been over a week since I’ve installed it, and I had 2 blog spam comments since. I usually get at least 2 a day. After adding those 2 new blog spam url’s into the master list, I haven’t heard hide nor hizz-nair from the blog spammers thanking me for my site.

The good thing about adding the URL’s is it costs them, at the very least, some time and money to get the URL’s in the first place, unlike the IP’s which are easily spoofed within seconds. This very fact certainly makes it a lot easier emotionally to log into MT Blacklist and add the offending URL’s. I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time. I feel empowered, like my retaliation efforts are no longer on the losing side of trench warfare, like I’m making a difference enough so to feel like I’m winning. The battle at least. With the amount of money involved, the spammers will still find a way in the long run, but in the short run, I’ve become more productive, and have renewed faith in <a href=””>MoveableType</a> as a good blogging product.

I don’t think the spammers are on vacation because both my inboxes (home and work) are full to the brim each morning, and I shoot down emails throughout the day. Regardless, if they return in force to my blog, I’m armed and ready.

It feels good. Really good.

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  1. Done! I’m now in the “Fellowship of the BlackList” :p
    Actually, there is a preference in your MT-Blacklist conf to log each comment rejected by MT-Blacklist.

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