Attacked me when I’m weak…

Got hit by another 300 spams this evening. While the script/bot/whatever was spamming me, I sent an invoice for $30,000 (300 x $100 per ad) off to the gent in Moscow… so says Whois anyway.

However, a majority of the posts do not have direct URL’s, therefore, it makes it very diffucult to remove except manually. They are the same mass spam posts I think Grant Skinner got. I’m hoping I might be able to make one big Regular Expression or something for Blacklist, who knows… anyway, I’m down with a fever & sore throat, 2 contract projects due yesterday, 2 homework assignments from school today, and an unpainted kitchen… I’m being attacked when I’m weakest to defend.


:: charges headlong into the gunfire ::

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  1. I had about… 8 or so. I feel sorry for you bud, comment spam sucks bad. Especially manually getting rid of it. I can’t wait until MT get’s a sure fire way of stopping it.

  2. So far, before Movable Type 3 is released you can enter few SQL queries to delete all unwanted comments and/or disable comments temporarily

    In MySQL directly, or through PHPAdmin, to remove the comments, use the following:

    delete from mt_comment where comment_created_on > ‘2004-01-12 15:40:08’;

    If you want, you can turn off comments on all entries older than 30 days using the following SQL:

    update mt_entry set entry_allow_comments = 2 where
    TO_DAYS(NOW()) – TO_DAYS(entry_created_on) >= 30;

  3. Got 350+ at my blog this evening too. Most entries got 10 random spams. Implemented blacklist and turned off comments except one for now.

  4. i have MTBlacklist, which made the flash flood of 60 comments almost manageable. Took about 10 minutes to delete them all. The day I get 300+, I turn off my comments!

  5. MySQL is what saved me from this asshole. For some strange reason MT-Blacklist croaked during the last attack, but it was a breeze to get rid of the unwanted comments. There should actually be an easier way of deleting comments in MT. In the next version why not have a quick list of comments with a checkbox to check if you want to delete one/several comments. Would help me a lot, thats for sure. Both to get rid of spam, and to quickly moderate discussions that has side tracked.

  6. I have no excuse for NOT installing on mySQL, so I’ll do so, too. I agree, the comment control level is pretty lame. A lot of my problems would be solved if my older entries auto-matically closed commenting after a week instead of me manually closing comments on each one…

  7. Dude that’s it! I’m not going to bother with black-list. I’ll just band comments.

    You might be onto something with you disclaimer.

    Hope you feel better.


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