Director Kickin’ it AS Style

For those of us in the “we thought we were cool but because we were not at the MAX conference, we learn stuff late but still try to be cool” (woulda put dashes using Flame in Central, but then you couldn’t read the title…), you now probably heard about AS style coding in Director.

Even if you have, read on…

4 Replies to “Director Kickin’ it AS Style”

  1. The one thing – or consideration more or less, that hasn’t been made is still the cross platform issue. Director STILL rules in that regard – with the help of such pricey xtras like buddy api. So most of the market is pc… but look at how the MAC is picking up ( yet again) in popularity.

    IF a client says the fatal ” cross platform cd-rom delivery” CAN you honestly ante up with Screenweaver, or any other 3rd party software(I’m biased and partial to SWF Studio myself…) that makes Flash a development tool on steroids? It still doesn’t compare.

  2. All depends on target specs (Buddy API needed, low end machine, etc).

    Otheriwse, you spend 2k+ for a dual platform CD-ROM (plus you need a Mac) you could of done for just 500 bucks in Flash… 600 adding Screenweaver to the mix.

    …of course, I think the main thing will be:

    “Make DVD’s using ActionScript!”

    One can only dream…

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