Star Wars Galaxies & The Real World: She Said “Yes” in Both!

Sunday night I popped the question… in two different places. First, in SWG, and then immediately in the real world.

First, I struggled to purchase a program online via PayPal that captures your computer screen activity and saves it into a video file for later viewing. …no dice, PayPal takes 2 to 3 days to validate, and I wanted to propose before we went up north (she would get a lot of love and praise from her family, and I wouldn’t get capped via a 22). I tried using her PayPal after much annoying running back and forth between the bedroom (her office where she plays SWG) and my office. Turns out, her PayPal default email was sent to a no longer valid email address. After purchasing the program, I had no way to download it. Contacting the geek who played geek games and made the geek program… I didn’t receive a response till Monday morning. I guess he has a life, but most geeks I know are on their comps on Sunday night.

At any rate, in depression, I wallowed in self-pity at my failed plan. Then, I suddendly came up with the bright idea of using demo software. Found a link to a site a friend recommended a long time ago, downloaded their demo of HyperCam, and went to work tweaking my settings as low as they would go so I could get the best framerate. I ended up settling for 1 fps… Even after a fresh reformat and a screamin’ video card, my comp still could barely handle SWG and the capture going at the same time. So, I logged in, travelled to the planet my fiancee had moved to, and documented the journey.

I’ve posted the footage. If you wish to cut to the chase, simply select “The Proposal” from the controls. Video of the real ring is at the end.

…the least I can do, I believe, is to purchase HyperCam since they saved my arse. Don’t know what I am going to do with two video capture programs, though…

SWG Proposal – Main (html) | Scalable (swf)

16 Replies to “Star Wars Galaxies & The Real World: She Said “Yes” in Both!”

  1. Wait a second.

    I eat lunch with you Sunday and you react to our conversation by getting engaged?

    Congrats to you and best wishes to Brandy.


  2. congrats Brandy and Jesse!!
    the star wars stuff is fantastic!
    Be happy people, make more people and make them happy… :: coughs::

  3. YO… that rocks guys!… i’m so happy for yah both!

    i think i recall you and i having a convo. back at buckhead campus about proposals on the web.. heheh i won’t go into detail.. but it figures you’d be one to do it ;)

    Brandy… how the heck can you actually lift your arm with that rock attatched to it ;!

    you guys be good, i’ll talk with yah soon..

  4. and to think… you wouldn’t have even asked her out if i hadn’t convinced you ;) man.. strange way things can develop over time… good luck to you both..

  5. Geof, thank you, big day is August… sometime. Her majesty said a few days, but I don’t know, so I’ll just say August of 2004.

    Serge, thank you!

    Ben, believe me, I’m trying to convince her to go to Australia for MXDU and the honeymoon… but it’s tough. Really? Rock! I gotta make like hundreds more friends while I’m there then.

    I know G, thanks!

    Your inspirational like that Leif, thanks!

    Bob, thank you, that is so kind; port it for Central!

    Thanks Sean, I figured it symbolized our relationship well.

    Erik, yeah, probably… don’t know what I’m supposed to do, though. At least guard me from Imps since I like to walk around flaunting I’m a rebel. Dying on my wedding day would not be cool… specially since the nearest cloning facility is the Imperial base on Datooine…

    Thanks, D, good to be here… I think.

    Thanks ilteris!

    Thanks aSH, you know I try. Hopefully our progeny will be mutated enough to ooze air-borne Prozac.

    Thanks Greg… who woulda knew? I always felt like we were competing all the time or arguing college.

    Thanks Darce, yeah, she’s pretty co-rockin’!

    Thank you, everyone… no seriously! It’s so fantastic to be a part of such a nice community.

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