New Search for my Site

I finally implmented the <a href=””></a> search engine for my site. I put the normal search off to the left in the 3rd module, and a link to the advanced search under it. I haven’t tweaked the settings on it yet, but I’ll do that over time to make it better. I remember seeing a surprising amount of usage half-a-year ago, so I’m sure it’ll be a welcome feature for people looking through my archives.

If not, at least I will appreciate it as I was getting sick and tired of searching via my article list and then trying to match up the date via typing and retyping in archive URL’s until I found a match.

Thanks <a href=””>Anupriyo</a> for telling me about <a href=””>Atomz'</a> Search!

4 Replies to “New Search for my Site”

  1. Hey, thanks a lot for sharing!

    I checked it out, and am impressed that you can actually make a realistic search engine with Flash. Well done!

    Constructive Criticism
    – it is slow to initialize, maybe parse all at once and then save in a local so?
    – the flash doesn’t have focus, so even though the text field has the cursor in it, add the javascript “window.focus();” method
    – the search results open a new browser; maybe have it launch in the parent window?
    – the links to “who” made it (you), should maybe do the same (link to the parent) if the parent is the same as your site, and then bring it to focus

    Overall, I’m impressed man, good job!

  2. Thanks Jester. The Local SO is a good idea and a good point of usability.

    I’ll make the fla available when I have some free time to get the code more readable (I can’t remember how I did it, funny).

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