Same Shite, Different Generation

Laced with Mountain Dew burn out, and Dorito induced head numbness, I’ll attempt to describe a small, miniscule dilemma, that although has me semi-worked up, I do recongize the fact that it’s so insignifianct. Although my current marriage associations are not close enough to give me Murphy’s Law verbatim, I’ve watched enough TV drama in my youth to know all the cynical viewpoints.

Times are changing but the relationship problems remain the same.

Over a quarter of a century ago, my father would arrive home, and be faced with a moral dilemma: Do I spend time with the wife watching TV, or go play pool with the guys?

This very day, although the activities have changed, the decision to spend time with da misses, or day boyz is still in effect: Do I travel with my girlfriend and a few aquaintances to Dathamor to help improve her hand-to-hand fighting skills to learn meditation to help her Doctoring abilities OR do I hang with the boyz in outlying Germany, playing the parts of American and German solidiers respectfully, fighting to the teeth and falling over dead, only to be resurrected 8 seconds later to repeat the whole process until that campaign’s goal is won?

Decisions, decisions…

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  1. Talk with your gf and both, and try to find a third activities to share. hmmm well, that’s my experience, it’s good to help sometimes the gf in something but it’s nice to create new activities where both can enjoy it. With my gf we thought that there are 3 kind of activities: 1. individual activities 2. shared activities and 3. ocassional support activities. The most important is shared activities: you need to be creatives and think what kind of activities (new ones) can be shared (not at home). Living together is great but it’s important to understand this different “dimmensions”. Take lessons together of dance, music or subscribe a club and play squash, bowling…; or take lessons of astronomy and buy a telescope and follow the stars, map the sky… or have a baby, that way you’ll find something to do together for 20 years :D

  2. We’re full of activities; I just find it hilarious that even with someone so closely matched to my personality, and how different the times are nowadays, I have the same, small rellationship behaviors. I am SOO not taking it to seriously, just shocked it’s so similiar to my parents.

    Then again, maybe I’m looking for patterns where no patterns exist, and enforcing my views onto the subject matter in such a subjective way so it makes sense, and I’m facinated by it. Maybe I need to go home for the day, hehe!

    Thanks for the ideas, bro, her majesty and I NEED to get out; since she doesn’t want to work out with me, looking at Yoga or Tai-Chi as maybe an alternative.

  3. Not sure; after discussion, I’m technically still “here” so that counts as spending time toghether. However, the more powerful she is, the better my future adventures on Yavin 4, so…

  4. heh.. he needs to go out and play pool more I think.

    “Brandaaaaaaaaaay, I’m gonna go plaaaaaay pewl”

    i reckon ya should.

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