Does this site work now?

Ok, does my shite work now? Looking to see if I fixed the visual issues I was having with IE with different text sizes as well as text selection, Mozilla, and Safari on the Mac. I’m just caring about the front page currently, as I’m aware the rest of the site (archives, comments, etc.) are foobarred, however, the comments should work enough to allow you to comment on whether the front-page works, hehe.

BTW, is there someplace I can go (I’ve seen it before) to see if …uh.. my site “validates” or whatever it’s called? I wanna make sure I’m doing it correctly. (No negative comments about the use of Table tags; I couldn’t get my DIVS to work even after looking at other sites, and my gf suggested it, and it worked, so BLEH).

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  1. Jesse, will you please change your mind and settle with a light background, it is the hardest to read reverse text on the web. for html validation for css validation

    and if you are talking about IE 6 displaying blurry font, I had the same issue and have said something here

    you may as well look at the css wiki for some kick ass infos on css and page layout

    Otherswise everything else seems fine.

  2. A co-worker said that it looks like I’m doing something… “unappropriate”, hehe, and my girlfriend hates it. As soon as I get the CSS & layout the way I want, I’ll then settle on a design; the picture and color are last minute thrown together.

    In the meantime, grab your teddy bear and grit your teeth.

  3. See honey, you gotta trust me more. i told ya I didn’t like that graphic. First off ya look nekkid.

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