282 Spam Comments

*whew* Just deleted 282 spam comments from my blog. Wasn’t easy, mind you, as you have to do each one after the other as there is no list view like Edit Entries in <a href=”http://www.moveabletype.org”>MoveableType’s</a> UI. They were posted from 4:57am to 5:20am this morning, all from some spoofed IP I’m sure.

I tried using the <a href=”http://www.jayallen.org/projects/mt-blacklist/”>MT Blacklist plugin</a>, but it didn’t work, some CGI error that it couldn’t find a file on his site or whatever. I’ll try again Monday when his(her?) new version comes out.

At any rate, anyone know how to:
– disable all commenting ability from an MT site?
– turn it back on later?


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  1. The only way I found to disable all would be to modify the templates. Also, to delete spam comments quicker, I just used MySQLFront (if you are using MySQL as a db).

    I know your pain…

  2. Aye… I’ve got tons of IP’s in there now, however, some of the spam is starting to refer to the same URL’s I believe, so I’m thinking that MT-Blacklist’s negative comments toward “useless IP banning” is starting to make sense. Regardless, I still add every IP to that list that spams my site.

  3. Hey Jesse, have you tried adding something into the mix like a Turing AI test on the comments form to at least slow down manual spammers and prevent automatic bots? Take a look at what I have implemented in the comments form on all my entries and archives on my site….specifically here is an entry where I outlined the changes i made – http://www.impossibilities.com/blog/entry_blog-127.php – it wasnt to difficult to implement…I imagine it wouldnt be too hard to add into a moveably type setup. I am working on a new version now that also speaks the values aloud dynamically and simplly asks you to type in what you heard in order for your comment to get posted. Just some ideas…good luck!

  4. hi,
    i,m not sure, but i think Samuel Wan has done it on his blog( disabled post comments), so, take a look and ask him

  5. Perhaps you should contact me, like I asked people who were having problems to do… Maybe you have a unique, hard to find bug that I don’t know about and will still be present in the next version? Or perhaps I could point you to an easy fix for your problem??

    Silence and pragmatism, during the beta phase of a software project, helps no one…

  6. Spam comments are also getting out of hand on my blog. If it continues I am going to have to implement membership or some sort of email validation for posters.

    Using pre-made solutions, such as MT obviously has pros and cons when it comes to things like this, that you didn’t count on when you start out.

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