4 Replies to “Why Do CEO’s/Organizations Fail?”

  1. Failure or success is based relative to a system of thought. Currently the ceo is there to be another link in the “? have a gun to your head” chain. Shareholders expect company to perform, ceo expects management to perform. Management expects employees to perform. Employees in turn expect share of company performance. This is a generalisation, but that’s the way I have seen it go in many corporations. Gun to each others head, at some point the system fails because you cannot keep posting record results. The ceo is blamed, but he sees it comming, cashes in all his stock and leaves or is replaced. He/she buys very many very large homes in many countries. 200 people lose their jobs. This is just too typical to go unnoticed and something is fundmentally wrong with our corporate system.

  2. … ‘ I’d say I have to agree. After today’s class discussion, the system is indeed flawed. You have CEO’s who are elected because they are super stars, not apt for the job. The board of directors hires them as quickly as possible to help make their invested stock go up. The CEO’s negotiate a large leave pay package after 2 years. The CEO’s gives a flying hoot after 2 years and leaves with his money, the Board of Directors sells stock while high, just at the apex of not infringing on insider trading laws, and the process begins anew. … I think I’ll stcik with small companies, make my own, or become a CEO.

  3. Our society have lived in ignorance for far to long, just swallowing the shit it is fed. The affore mentioned stuff adds up to legal theft. As long as I can take your money and not do it illegally, it is considered ethical business practice. Especially if you are ignorant as to what i am up to. Then when you wake up and see that I legally robbed you blind you actually don’t have a leg to stand on. That’s the way it goes folks .. and I don’t want anything to do with it … I hate the corporate world!

  4. Sounds like Peter’s Principle “.. have CEO’s who are elected because they are super stars, not apt for the job.”
    For a good book on Leadership and the steps you should take into account for building leaders within your firm, take a look at the Leadership Pipeline by S.J. Drotter.

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