Showing MovieClip’s Class via Jaysapee (JSAPI): Failed…

Dude, I suck. I tried to take <a href=””>Eric D’s</a> idea (showing a MovieClip’s class name when you click on it) to fruition, but no dice…

This code works via the command menu:
<pre>var s = fl.getDocumentDOM().selection;
if(s == null){
fl.trace(“There is no FLA open.”);
}else if(s.length == 0){
fl.trace(“There is nothing selected.”);
}else if(s.length > 1){
fl.trace(“Code only shows class
of one thing selected.”);
fl.trace(“Class is: ” +
However, when I put a variant of it in a WindowSWF using MMExecute, no dice. If I had an event I could pass to the WindowSWF when something is selected on stage (instead of using onEnterFrame at 1fps, or using onMouseDown manually), or if I could hack the Properties Panel’s XUL… I could get it.

Anyway, if anyone finds a way, Eric and I would be happy!