AS1 to AS2 Growing Pain #1: Roll your own class vs. Object.prototype

Two people in the past two days have had questions on the Flashnewbie list about how to do Object.prototype (MovieClip.prototype the most popular) equivalents in AS2. There are many people capable of finding this out on the list, but so far, we didn’t have an answer.

Tried myself a few times, and failed pretty hard; it’s easy to do that in programming. Waded through the ASCII jungle that is Flashcoders currently, and found Tatsuo equisitely explaining how to do it amongst a bunch of non-AS1 programmers who didn’t belong in the thread. Yeah, their coding styles are correct, but AS1 people have no idea why your explaining to do it that way as and AS2 people have no idea why Object.prototype was so widly used; only comes from experience, so the disconnect just added confusion to my research. Confirmed by working through it with my co-worker two seperate times, and finally feel I’ve got a feel on how to explain it clearly.

How you did it in AS1

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