The Nex Obi Wan

I think it’s a phat idea to have Mark Hamil play Obi Wan in Episode 3. Don’t know the status of the movie, but it’d just be sweet…

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  1. The key here is understanding that Old Ben is really Lukes father, not Darth!!! That is the shocker for Episode3. It would be accurate as the theory goes plus Mark Hamil really needs a job. ;)

  2. Ted,

    utter utter utter utter bollocks. Why would the whole story line change. You have to remember that the original Star wars are episodes IV, V, & VI. And were written in the order 1-9 (actualy they were only ever written as screen plays – but thats eroneuos noise). So why would Lucas do somthing like that and just change his mind in the next chapter. He always intended to make them in cronological order (it was fox who said start a EP IV)

  3. well i guess Mark can reprise his prize role as Luke Skywalker in Episode VII VIII and IX.

    Maybe it’s nostalgia but except for the new light saber scenes i still dig the old ones better.

  4. loce the timothy zahn books, would be sweet if they made movies from those. I would totally go see them cept mark hamil is a bit old.

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