Chicks With Swords

…and Kung Fu… What could be cooler!?

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6 Replies to “Chicks With Swords”

  1. I thought I was the only one who’s excited about this movie. If this movie is good, I will forgive Ulma Thurman for the wack Avengers movie.

  2. In “The Avengers” the US make of the classic UK TV show, Uma Thurman would walk into the phone booth, and go “How now brown cow.” That was the secret phrase she had to say in the flic.

  3. If “How now brown cow” is a line in the Avengers movie, I did not sit through it long enough to get the possible punchline.

    I left the theater once I saw Sean Connery chasing the heros while wearing a “Cute Teddy Bear” suit.

  4. Hehe, lucky me; I just saw the preview (and studied the movie’s opening credits in school). Have to rent it one day I’m bored outta my mind…

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