Better Than Bleh & Disconnected

The US economy doesn’t suck. I’m starting to fight off work with a claymore just to breathe… it’s like a vitamin; I want it, and it small doses it can be good for you, but OD’ing tis bad for your health.

Secondly, I disconnected my cable service today, both my cable TV service (which I never used) and my cable internet (which I had to get cable TV service that I never used to use it). BOTH frikin’ companies were quick, once I got ahold of them which took 5 hours of callbacks, to disconnect me. I remember disconnecting my Bellsouth phone when I was moving out of my other apt. (flat) last year and having everything save sexual favors promised to me if I stayed with them. Both the cable and internet companies today could give a flyin’ flip if I continued my business with them.

Uh… ok. Whatever dude, this economy doesn’t blow, if it DID, people would give a hizz-noot about customer service. If things aren’t bad enough to instantiate change in that arena, then we’re once again being deluded by the US media; I know I sure was after my trip to Australia.

…maybe customer service is not indicative of an economy, but it sure should be an effect of it if economy stability is the cause. So far, I’ve seen no effect.

So, for some reason, I can check email and blog… I’m guessing they’ll shut me down later in the week. Good ridance; paying $60+ a month for TV I don’t use and for an internet connection that is about the same as a 56k modem is just frikin’ ridicolous, good riddance.

Now, to find the elusive DSL…