Beat Down in da Chateau

For the love of God, make it stop. I just can’t quit listening to this song…

Matrix: Reloaded Soundtrack – Disk 2 – Rob Dougan – Chateau

I’m gonna have to see the movie again this weekend. Either that, or just go piss some French cartel program dude off and have his goonies attack me a room full of medieval weapons in which case I can promptly proceed to put the smack down while still looking smooth in ma Gucci.

4 Replies to “Beat Down in da Chateau”

  1. JesterXL – Thanks a ton for helping out on the interactive CD project :) Sorry to hear you lost 4 lbs I wish that it had the same effect on me I guess I keep to much junk food lying around.

  2. The Indians are coming next week, so I plan to see it at the local IMAX with them since they’ll be here longer than normal. I’ll still stay for the Revolutions trailer again…

  3. I’ve said it before… JesterXL is “the one”. It’s different this time… He can feel them!

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