Sojourn Ended in Singapore

Finally finished 80% of my chapters. Finished my Director & Flashcom chapter Saturday night in time to see an ex-coworker (programmer who taught me OOP) play in his blues band in the ghetto of Atlanta outside an art studio. Man, can they jam some Credence! Finished my Building Flashcom Components chapter last night. Writing’s been keeping me pretty sober, so I’m definately looking forward to getting slizzy next weekend and after that. Whilst in the moutains in the middle of nowhere, this time without the DVD playing laptop, I’ll suddenly find myself surrounded by wanna be alchemist friends, finding some inoxios liquid in which to whet my pallete. Whatever, bring it. After that, it’s club time. I haven’t been able to get my groove on in awhile. This book has taken every weekend for the past month. Time to dance, yo.

So, before collapsing, I ended my night in a chatroom in Singapore. I won’t go into specifics about the chatroom because I was specifically told not to, but let’s just say I got to hang with Melvyn Song Kian Guan, John Robinson, and Sameul Wan talking all things Flashcom. The audio being broadcasted from Singapore was insanely good quality, and I heard mine was good too, though I never actually heard it, so I’m assuming Melvyn and John were just being nice. … I can’t believe I could still type last night; I felt like I’ve written War and Peace twice over. Regardless, it was just great to connect with people from all over the world, specially in a chatroom in another country.

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  1. Jesse, just a quick note: it seems that your blog archives aren’t available.

  2. Thanks bro… still rebuilding her; she’s in rough shape after the crash. Doing the best I can. Hopefully by the weekend, I’ll have her back up again. If you find anything else, PLEASE let me know!

  3. Great! I was so worried my mic was screwed, where, come to find out it’s just my connection going up. Someday I’ll get a better connection…

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