PresentationSWF Tip

When using the PresentationSWF Flashcom component, if you want to be a speaker, you must set _global.speakerMode = true. If you do not do this, whether you have controls shown or not still will not show the SWF that’s being loaded into the PresentationSWF. Therefore, you could make 2 files, one for the speaker, and one for the participants. The only difference is the speaker has that variable set to true. You could use FlashVars to pass it in as a parameter, because it actually tests for if(_global.speakerMode). So, as long as it’s equal to something, it will work, even “false”. Useful, too, is if all participants are speakers, they can all use the arrows, and everyone is automatically synced to the currentframe.

I used it in a client meeting last night (client’s in Chicago, IL, I’m in Atlanta, GA), combined with the Video Confernce component (and our cell phones since my audio up is bad because of my connection) and I must say it was a very effective meeting.

I haven’t figured out how to size the SWF your loading in correctly, though…