FCS Chat in 16 Lines

A Flashcom chat in 16 lines; was trying to beat <a href=”http://psychlonex.dyndns.org/”>John Robinson</a> who had less if I remember correctly, but don’t think he was using components. Anyway, here’s my best with some readability still intact. Word wrap obviously doesn’t count.

Look ma, a 520 byte chat program!

7 Replies to “FCS Chat in 16 Lines”

  1. Beauty.. I was just mentioning something like that in the chattyfig mailing list. If all you need to do is chat…..

    Can I put this code up on my site too? (my blog or newsletter) all kudos to you of course.

    I’d love to see John’s code too but his site isn’t showing much right now…

  2. dude if you really wanted to you could do it with 1 line of code. Granted it would be 1 very long line of code but 1 line never the less.

  3. You can’t, I tried. Flash MX only allows a certain amount of characters per line in its editor… the smallest I could get it to is 2 lines.

    However, you <b>can</b> do it as an #include file.

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