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This is the second time I’ve been asked if I’d like an entertainment system by a shady couple of young guys in a white van while living in Atlanta. I heard a story once where some dudes stole it, and the guy caught ’em, furiously banging on their van, at a gas station. Hence, I politely declined. The parting comment was I looked like I was about to kill somebody. My friends make fun of the face and attitude I wear in the car while driving… maybe they are right in that I look all “I’m too cool for you.”

If I look like a stuck up murderer, then why are these guys asking if I want to buy an entertainment system out of their van?

I’ve watched enough A-Team in my youth to be wary of unmarked moving vans anyway, so I’m sure that didn’t help my composure to appear open and welcoming to the casual fence looking to hawk his wares.

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  1. Jesse,

    Actually I looked them up, and believe it or not, the speakers are not stolen. This is a marketing pitch for the company. Its the most bizarre thing really, once you get past the hate of people that have bought them. Overall, its not so much a scam, even though it is indicated here, as much as a deceptive marketing approach, of course hooking customers that are looking for the too good to be legal deal :)

    Take a look at

    They are in your area now :) Have fun with them, I have interupted a few of their deals before … busting on them in parking lots at Best Buy .. lot of fun, and the salesWoman, was really fun to make red .. :)

  2. My friend actually bought speakers from these guys (or their “business partners”) and this happened in Montreal!

    They make you think you’re getting an awesome deal as if they were high-end stolen equipment. In fact the speakers just look good cause they are big and weigh a lot, but they are far from being high-end.

  3. That’s just crazy. Good tactic, though, on playing on the refund/discount people. Not many peeps actually send in their mailing slips to get their discounts or partial refund of money, so they still make dough. Ridicously crazy. Thanks for the 411!

    Yeah, A-Team rocks. Before there was Jim Carrey, there was Murdock.

  4. Cool.. seems like you may have had a run in with the “Irish Travelers”. They run some of these kinds of scams. I’ve always been curious about these people. What were they like, other than shady? Do some searches on em and see if this matches your experience…

  5. Well, via the links posted, it matches ’em perfectly. They were good salesmen too; they looked unkempt, long hair or not clean shaven, and yet they had the salesman like air of positivity, and manipulative statements.

    If they were selling D&D books, or cheaper PC games, then I might of listened…

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