Posers Abound

OMG… if it’s not 2advanced, it’s MM pre-Dylan! Add another poser to da list.

<a href=” http://smartppc.com/”>Poser</a>

I wonder if MM will sue? Can you sue for something like this?

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  1. i dont think they use that design anymore.. so what would the point be?

    it’s nearly as bad as steeling a logo these days though.. brand identity..

  2. Not too sure unless some of the images were directly ripped. Still funny nonetheless.

  3. This example… and one not so striking example (http://www.gertbrenner.com copied local design http://www.alliedworks.com)… has stirred a lot of discussion on another list. I don’t think that there’s any question it’s stealing and there are plenty of copyright examples where people have won in court. Of course this site is in Russia so I don’t know what it’s worth to MM. I’d suspect they would just write a few letters to encourage those to take down their blatant ripoff site down.

  4. check out http://www.pirated-sites.com/

    On May 23, the spotlight ripoff is of a company named classaction.com Kind of ironic, eh?

    This is a really interesting clearing house for this type of stuff, and it’s truly frightening how much of this goes on.

  5. One thing–I wonder which pirates know they’re doing something wrong and which think they’re just taking a good idea. Not that one is better than the other, but if the issue is people just don’t think it’s wrong–that’s something that can be changed through education. The only one remaining would be those who know they’re up to no good.


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