3 Replies to “Hitler: The Rise of Evil”

  1. I agree with your observations on the documentary. I think most people grow their prejudices because of some ‘injustice’ that they perceive. Hitler is shown fighting a war, and in his eyes, going above his call to duty to perform actions that superiors are requesting. One of whom happens to be Jewish and in his eyes, doesn’t treat him as if he is doing a fantastic job. Earlier in the movie, Hitler is told by someone how the Jews are the root of all evil…and so it begins.

    Now, for your speaking skills, check out http://www.toastmasters.org. It is an international public speaking and leadership organization with 8,000 clubs worldwide. Non-profit, 75+ years of growth and helping people. It is a lot of fun, and most cities in the US have quite a few clubs. Kansas City, a city of about 1.7 million has around 50 clubs.

  2. Very nice, I’ll have to check that out. I think one of few classes I actually dug in high school was Speech class. Thank you very much for the insight, info, and link!

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