A HREF Target not supported?

Helping her majesty with some <a href=”http://mediadiva.net/mt/archives/000093.html”>Javascript this weekend</a> (weird stuff, btw) while taking a break from writing, and heard her mention that the W3C is no longer supporting the target attribute of the “a href” tag. During her posts and comments, many argued usability reasons, etc., but they are all bs. My programmer blood tells me there is a new way to do it in HTML, or whatever new XML derivative your supposed to be coding in now. If you can code rollovers in CSS with no JavaScript support, then you can open a new window somehow without it was well. My current company’s newest web product utilizes a browser to run in. We are using this, Internet Explorer, as the host application. We do this because IE now supports a lot of the things serious application developers need. People claiming that pop-ups/new windows are not needed are full of shiote because to emulate how an application works, you need to utilize new windows… unless we code the whole GUI in Flash, which isn’t realistic. I’m sure the W3C doesn’t expect others to utlize Flash, either. Windows are created to enable mutli-tasking, and allow the user to switch tasks readily; hence the ability for the application to asses many tasks the user needs to complete.

So, anyone know how to open a new window in the “new HTML” since target=”_blank” is no longer supported? What does the W3C expect us to use now? If you say JavaScript, your an idiot, and need to re-read my question.