3D Interface & Compositing = Cool!

If I ever wanted to get a cyborg type implant, I’d probably have to go to Japan. Yeah, I could get an insulin pump nowadayz, but to truly get the one I wanted along with the style, the Japanese culture, which I know very little about, just dicatates that’d it have to be in their country. All of the art I see come out of there, the technology in how far ahead of us (the USA) they are… it’s just they always have cool art and technology… even vibrators for the 2nd controller slot in their games; what a ingenious concept!

Anyway, this site has some really cool 3D, compositing, and use of motion blurs. Very bandwidth and processor intesive. Courtesty of <a href=”http://www.mediadiva.net/mt/”>Mediadiva</a>.

This site is Korean as I just learned, however. Either way, they rock too. I’ve played more games with Koreans in Starcraft and Evercrack.

<a href=”http://www.xiiin.com”>XIIIN</a>