We’re Screwed

I’m usually positive for my into the weekend rants, but I’m tired, burnt out, and fixin’ to collapse in exhaustion, so take with a grain of salt as the shot burns in your chest.

3 Replies to “We’re Screwed”

  1. preventing is alot easier when you want to prevent! (YES, I wrote ‘WANT’)
    prevention == cost (money spent) which means (as you said) lower return on investment, hence less growth !
    conclusion: I love the way the earth is evolving around education, fair trade and (hmm) free trade … but I hate when we don’t take precautions … anyway, some say these were know before they happened! I say: as always! have a good ice and a nice week-end! let the sun shine!

  2. Everyone agrees that as we progress into the cloudy future, programming practices get better, but so does the complexity. I don’t think anyone will be completely secure.
    Your right though prevention is necessary. Yet, there is no cure for any virus known to man. What makes anyone think we can create a “cure” for everything… we can’t.
    Honestly smarter computing will only happen if the crashing stops. Computers and networks have limitations the human mind doesn’t.

  3. I agree. That’s why I think a catastrophe will soon happen, regulations will be passed, and software prices will go up. Bleh.

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