NetStream & Stream Experiences

Alright, so been preparing my speech app, and getting some more experience with the client side NetStream object and the server-side Stream object.

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  1. I believe that if you do:

    this.s = Stream.get(“merged_streams”);“stream_1”);“stream_2”);

    You will then end up with a stream on your server called “merged_streams” that has merged “stream_1” and “stream_2”. Just a guess based off of what I read in the docs about Stream.record.

  2. Hi guys; Yes, I’m not a flash guru, not even a flash geek. I’m a cold fusion guy from 1994 and since my new company is working with flash MX and I’m working on the frontend tool, I’ve read your posts and find it very interesting. Here’s what I know can be done to this point.
    We can capture a live camera stream and save it to FLV automatically. Neat I think…But, has anyone ever tried to do the same with a recorded stream such as WMV or AVI? I guess it would have to initialized in the media player then saved as in this post.
    Anyone try it yet and have success? I know you can do it with Sorenson Squeeze but my app already converts ppt and jpg to swf automatically and it would be nice if the user wouldn’t have to leave the app to complete their project.

    Hey, I’m begging here.


  3. Sure thing man!

    Just a correction; merging server side streams with the Stream object doesn’t actually merge them, but rather appends them to the ends of eachother, one after the over into a one big stream. I thought it was like a NLE, but it’s not merging, it’s appending.

  4. Hi!
    Is there a way to merge a library from one FLA-file into another library from another FLA, substituting(overwrite) objects in destination library, using JSFL?

  5. I do not know. I’ve never looked to see if JSFL has the ability to copy a library asset (Item) from one library to another.

    At worst, do so, and look in your History panel. If it’s an action they saved, it’ll show the JSFL for it.

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