MXDU Prelude

Co-chillin’ @ da Millenium hotel’s conference rooms and such. A lot of celebs coming around, and having the opp to meet a few. It’s interesting how they did the rooms…

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  1. Yeah, tons… I wish I was taking audio notes. I got a lot of different language influences here, too, aside from just the Aussie mix.

    …I’ll remember to check the toilet water spin, hehe.

  2. yo man.. dunno if you got the news but i lost my job about 2 weeks ago..

    been hard tryin to find something decent in this town..


    sounds like you are living in the lap of luxury!
    take more pics dude.. i’d love to see that bush thing on the bridge! HI-REZ!

    I hope your speech goes well.. you know that everyone is behind yah on it.. so do well. and you won’t have “wing damage”

    keep in touch man.. haven’t talked in forever!

    Go RECON!


  3. We met while you were in Atlanta at Georgia Tech demo-ing Flash Remoting and Flashcom. I pretty much learned how Remoting works from your demo.

    However, instead of getting geek, I asked about your hair while you signed my Flash Enabled book.

    God, dude, your probably tired as heck… thanks a lot for fighting the snow and driving and such. Daemon has outdone themselves here, and I think you’ll really be impressed with what they’ve done. Besides, it’s warm here and no snow.

    Hang in there bro!

  4. Your mom and I are just checking your page to see if you got the info for us to hear an maybe see you down there.
    Mom has your has the url for tommorrow night we will sign in about 6 our time and see what happens.
    Have you heard the expression “piss off” yet or any others that sound strange.
    Hope all is well down there.
    Mom and David

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