Fly Without ID

I wish I had the tenacity of the author:
<a href=””>How to Fly Without ID</a>

His final warning has already happended to me…

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  1. I must respond to the statement “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” This is America not the old USSR. America was founded on the principal of the rights of the individual. That is why those rights were protected in the organic Constitution. That is why America was formed as a constitutional republic, where individual rights are sacred, rather than a democracy, where the majority can take away your rights. The only purpose of government is to protect our rights not change them into priviliges. The common, and imposed, propaganda today is that the government is above the people. But the peoople are soverign, they are over the govenment. So don’t fall for every trick the government pulls to rule over you. You’re the boss, not the servant.

  2. I agree.

    The point of my statement was that the right the airlines are executing is not in their power to do so. The only reason people follow it is because of their ignorance. Typical not knowing your rights scenario.

    However, once informed, you can do what you will. I understand why they did it: to prevent cross use of frequent flyer miles. For the good of the travellers, I do not mind showing my ID even if I am not utilizing frequent flyer miles. If it’s for the good of the company and other customers, than cool. However, if they wanted my birth certificate and passport, I’d tell them to piss off.

    The government really doesn’t come into play, at least in my example. I’m talking strictly about the airline industry, not the government. The government has no reason to see my ID.

    Keep in mind, too, I am somewhat partial to the airline industry because of my mom’s working for them as well as making my opinions somewhat subjective.

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