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While awaiting Sam, Branden, and Brian to mosey through a Sydney street fight, broken bottle and all, Steve and I discussed how to disconnect a user while outside the club, Cargo in Sydney. Since I also read on the Flashcom list somebody was asking about this, I figured I would post some code I had. Dirty, but it works…

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  1. That was it… while I’ll saw your first post, I went to test it in my HTML editor, and saw the prob… ampersand el tee.

    Fixed. Sorry about that… didn’t proofread it well enough.

    Thanks Phillip!

  2. your a champ Jesse

    The reason I wanted to do this is so that the user works on its own session rather than the session of the server, and also to do disconnects after lengthy idel times


  3. Well, you could just put the user on an SO, and then do an interval on the client that, if in the event inactivity, the user would get disconnected.

    …I’ll have to make a true component in a week or so since it would be nice to have some control of the clients. The client object gives you a lot, but there is really no wrappers out there that I have seen for session management, etc. It’d be nice to know what CF/.NET people consider session management of users because I usually just guess.

  4. It depends on your objective.

    IDLE TIME : I would go with a client that records inactivity and disconnects after set interval. this requires less strain on the server and is easy to implement

    SERVER STRAIN, BAD USER, etc..: I would go with a server disconnect.

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